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The opportunity to speak with real cybersecurity job specialists.

Why trust us for your cybersecurity job search? Firstly, because we know our job perfectly. The recruitment consultants in or team are not generalists, they are primary experts that are passionate about cybersecurity. When you're looking for a new role, this can be a game-changer.

New challenges within the cybersecurity industry.

EliteCyber Group is known throughout Europe. Whether you're a vulnerability controller, IT security manager, consultant, engineer or computer system architect, we have international roles working on exciting projects available to offer our candidates.

Different types of roles.  

The types of cybersecurity roles our consultants choose to work on are mainly permanent contract positions. Indeed, we believe that in such a sensitive and specialised area of activity, only lasting relationships can lead to convincing results. We are also committed to sharing the latest cybersecurity job openings with recent graduates. We believe in the effectiveness of cyber defense training and the ability of companies to quickly upskills their new recruits. 

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Career advice

There has never been a better time to consider a cybersecurity career.

Cybersecurity professionals, or information security analysts, have a wide range of responsibilities, but the crux of their job is to protect online data from being compromised. As more of our personal information is stored online it becomes more important to step up security. Cybersecurity careers are complex and many roles can be found in banks, retailers and government organisations.

On the job, you can expect to safeguard an organisation's files and network, install firewalls, create security plans and monitor activity. If a breach occurs, you'll be responsible for identifying the problem and finding a solution. Due to the frequency of cyberattacks, careers are varied and qualified professionals are always in demand.

If you're ready to get started in this fast-growing career, start exploring cyber our jobs now. If you'd like specific career advice on the type of role you should be striving for, speak to one of our career consultants.

Interview advice

Preparing yourself for an interview can be hard. When do you start, how much do you need to know about the role and the interviewer? Are there standard interview questions you should rehearse prior to the meeting. How many questions should you ask about the company and the role? 

We're here to help you navigate the interview process, whether it's a one-off or a series of panel assessments, we'll make sure you're fully briefed and ready to impress. To assist with starting you off, here are our 20 top tips for ensuring interview success.